Thursday, September 20, 2012

Feral Cat Only Eats Filet Mignon


We've been back for almost two weeks now. In that time I have found three (three!) dead (well, murdered) pidgeons in my yard (and by "yard" I mean rocks, of course). It's Feral Cat, I'm sure of it.

Have I ever mentioned Feral Cat?

Feral Cat is the sluttiest cat there ever was. He lives sort of around my house and I hate him. He's gotten into my garbage and spread it all over the yard (again, rocks) several times. Six months ago, he got one of his girlfriends pregnant and the kitty was a boy and you know what he did? He murdered his own son. It was so sad. Call PETA if you want, but I throw rocks at him whenever I see him (hello?! He's a murderer!)

Anyway, this pidgeon thing is new. And what I don't understand is why Feral Cat (or one of his many hoochies) would kill a pidgeon and not eat it. Everybody else around here is starving and parched and I see at least two dead cats a day on the side of the road, but Feral Cat didn't feel like eating his catch?

What a snob. If I can eat goat, I think Feral Cat could choke down a little flying rat.


Kelly Robinson said...

The nerve of that cat. You know they say that cats leave dead things on for you as a gift, maybe he missed you while you were gone. LOL

Anonymous said...

This is true. Sally has brought us three rabbits, a few snakes, birds, crawfish and lots of mice.