Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Motor Home Enthusiasts

Phil and I are having blog naming/template issues. And by "issues" I mean arguments, of course. Just ignore them.
(I just really hate puns, okay. Is that so wrong?)


You know how I love to draw on my little boy's face (as evidenced here and here.) I wanted a costume that would of course incorporate that very activity. And so, in an effort to not be offensive jerks, we were not "White Trash" for Halloween this year, we were "Motor Home Enthusiasts". And I am oh-so-disappointed in Djibouti for having like 90% humidity. My awesome fanned out bangs fell almost immediately. 'Twas a bummer. Also, Phil's not showing nearly enough chest hair. That was a bummer, too. And to top off the disappointment, we don't even smoke so we didn't have any half-finished cigarettes around to wag up and down in the corners of our mouths while we talked. Nor do we own one of those beer helmet things.

We made it work, though. Especially JBallz.

Flat bangs. Sad.

Peeta was a cowboy. Happy!


Alex said...

You guys always have the best costumes. I think your only competition comes from Anne and her AFN ads. :-)

Kate said...